Publication Ethic

This journal is published by Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan Banten. The ethics section of this publication contains information and ethics statements for each section related to the publication of Jurnal Kesehatan STIKes Banten. The statement in this section is adapted from the principles of Publication Ethics Committee (COPE) and includes a code of conduct for editors-in-chief, editorial board members, reviewers, and authors.


  1. Based on the review report of the publication review board, the editor can acknowledge/accept, dismiss, or ask for an adjustment to the manuscript.
  2. Editor ought to be responsible for each articles distributed and published in Jurnal Kesehatan STIKes Banten.
  3. The editors may communicate with other editors or reviewer in order to make the ultimate decision related to the article publishing.
  4. Editor should assess the original copy/manuscript objectively for publication, judging each on its quality without looking to political, nationality, ethnicity, beliefs, gender, status or organizational affilation of the creators.
  5. Editors need to ensure that the document sent to the reviewer must not contain any information of the author, vice versa.
  6. Decisions made by the editors should be informed to the author along with reviewers comments, unless they are containing an offensive or libelous remarks.
  7. Editors ought to regard demands from authors that a person ought to not review the submission, if these are well-reasoned and practicable.
  8. Editors and all staffs ought to ensure the privacy of the submitted manuscript.
  9. Editors will be guided by COPE flowcharts if there is a suspected misconduct or disputed origin.